Game Developers Club

The following are games made in Blender by members of the Game Developers Club. Games were created by grade 6 and 7 students. A big congratulations to all club members! Great job.

[ Fall 2013 ]

Rolly Game - Forest Level Design

Control a ball and navigate through the floating forest while collecting coins.

Water Blaster

Shoot your water gun and watch the water spray against obstacles.

Star Arcade

A variety of 1 player and 2 player games including a top-down coin collecting game and a dodging game.

Monkey vs. Duck

Be the first to make it to the top and get the golden banana in this 2-player platforming game.

Zombie Run

Avoid the crazy zombies and build blocks and cones to help you survive.

Snowball Beast

Explore and throw snowballs. Watch as they pile up

Drone Danger

A 2-player game where you want to be the last person standing on the platform. Drones will try to push you off. There is a boss level.

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